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$14 CAD

The Classic Clamp Collars are a simple way to keep your plates on the bar for safer workouts. Don’t worry about weights sliding when you’re benching, squatting, or snatching – the snug fit will secure multiple plates so that you can focus on form. The clamp fit is simple enough to take off with just one hand yet locks firmly in place. The dense, yet lightweight design holds up to heavy use. Compatible with all 2" Olympic Barbells and compact/lightweight enough to keep in your gym bag. Stop wasting time wandering around the gym, and get back to work with the Classic Clamp Collars!

• Sold In Pairs
• Solid & Lightweight Steel Construction
• High-Quality Chrome Coating
• Fits 2" Olympic Weightlifting Bars

• FREE SHIPPING Canada wide on orders over $300
• NEXT DAY DISPATCH on all orders
• All our products plant trees within Canadian forests in partnership with ONETREEPLANTED©
• Proudly Canadian. Proudly Local.

In partnership with ONETREEPLANTED© non-profit, we plant a tree for every item you purchase. Help us offset climate change and provide a more sustainable future for generations of lifters to come!

We proudly provide a 180-day return or replacement, limited warranty, on any faulty products. This warranty does not apply to any products damaged as a result of abuse, misuse, or neglect of normal care.

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